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Why Juice Matters

Recent studies show that eating more fruits and vegetables can help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, slow bone loss and even improve mental functioning.

Drinking juice is an easy habit to get into.

Fruits and vegetables contain hundreds of nutrients, including vitamins such as vitamin C, minerals such as magnesium, and electrolytes such as potassium. They also are loaded with thousands of different phytonutrients, such as anthocyanins in blueberries and lycopene in apricots. Combined, all these nutrients contribute to your better health. There’s no single fruit or vegetable that can give you all you need in terms of nutrition, so it’s important to eat a wide variety. That way you are most able to get the entire range of necessary nutrients and health benefits.

For example, a diet with:

  • Carrots for beta-carotene and vitamin A may aid cancer prevention and vision health
  • Spinach for iron and folic acid may prevent birth defects and anemia
  • Cranberries for vitamin C and proanthocyanins may prevent bladder infections
  • Grapes for flavinoids and manganese may improved heart health
  • Tomatoes for lycopene and beta-carotene may prevent certain cancers

A diet with a variety of foods pulls in nutrients that not one fruit or vegetable could provide alone, regardless of how much you eat of it. With this in mind, both medical professionals and government health agencies all recommend several servings of a variety fruits and vegetables every day.

Yet, in spite of all the information about the health benefits of getting more of your diet from the plant kingdom, less than 25% of Americans get the minimum recommended five servings a day. For many, it may be the inconvenience of preparing them, or simply the lack of having a habit of including them in their diet. One way to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables is to find the simplest route….like drinking juice.

Did you know that ¾ cup of 100% fruit juice, such as Mountain Sun Pomegranate and Black Cherry Juice, equals one serving of a fruit, according the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines? Drinking juice is an easy habit to get into. Substitute juice for a sports beverage or soda for immediate dietary improvements and long term health gains. Drink juice instead of a cocktail. Have a warmed juice instead of a caffeinated, calorie laden flavored coffee beverage for an mid-afternoon boost. Mix juice into your soda water for a healthy soda substitute. Make cooling juice popsicles for a summertime refresher.

Having a flavorful, delicious taste experience while quickly and easily getting health boosting benefits is why drinking juice matters.


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