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Pure Blends

Mountain Sun PureBlends combines the essence of nature's most premium fruits to create sensationally, refreshing unique fruit blend combinations. Maintaining the healthful goodness of the Pure Juice line Mountain Sun PureBlends offer an array of benefits to keep you mind and body strong.

Grape & Acai Pure Blend

Pure, refreshing, sun-ripened grapes and the exotic super fruit Acai, harvested from the top of palm trees in the Amazon rainforest, are pressed and perfectly blended together for a superb new healthy taste sensation. Acai berries with a royal purple pigment are extremely rich with antioxidants, giving this blend an extra boost for health.

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Pomegranate & Black Cherry Pure Blend

Fun FactsNature's most premium juices bring together the Earth's naturally healthful fruits. This premier offering is sensationally refreshing and bursting with antioxidant power combining Pomegranates, one of nature's best-kept ancient health secrets now widely known to contain high levels of antioxidants that may positively affect heart disease, cancer and aging with Black Cherries which may help reduce the inflammation caused by gout and arthritis.

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